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The Bedlam Street Company is a bespoke embroidery company specializing in personalized monograms and motifs that are as playful and thoughtful as the clients we serve. Founded in 2019, and named after the original Bedlam Street in Cold Spring Harbor, a picturesque, coastal Long Island town. Our creations are inspired by the lively spirit of adventure and fun that spilled into Main street when pirates, sailors, whalers, and revelers came ashore, making it bedlam!

Our creations are meant to embody the joie de vivre of a coastal lifestyle, and this inspiration is the basis for a personalized, whimsical selection of home goods and apparel products to make both big and small life events more joyful and meaningful.

The Bedlam Street Company offers a curated selection of monogrammable home goods and apparel; and an ability to personalize items you already own. We make the process speedy, simple and special. Short timelines are part and parcel to our ethos, with quick turnarounds to accommodate memorable life events, such as a new baby visit, an engagement party, or a fun dinner with old friends.

The Bedlam Street Company is inspired by its namesakes’ heritage and spirit of community, and giving back to OUR community is an important way to honor that history. We donate 10% of the net proceeds from each purchase to charities that are serving their communities. We want our bit of bedlam to brighten not just your home but our collective community!

I hope you love what you find on our street and visit us again soon!


Proprietress and Creator of Bedlam